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Al-Karkh University of Science participates in a workshop in the Scientific Institute for Maintaining the...

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Updated   08/01/2017 12:47 PM

  A delegation consisting of a team of teaching staff participated in a workshop held by the scientific institute for maintaining the genetic and environmental sources in corporation with the ministry of health and the ministry of environment. The motto of the workshop was "our water resources are biological diversity and cultural heritage."

  The workshop included the issue of the Iraqi marshes and the efforts exerted for including them within the list of the international heritage in order to have the international rights and privileges of the protected natural zones according to the prevailing laws concerning this issues in addition to the biological diversity of the marshes and the strategy of the biological documentation and monitoring the pollution.

  The representatives of our university were Dr. Israa Abdul Jabar Kareem, Dr. Sajeda Kareem Radi, Dr. Farooq Moihammed Ali, Dr. Ghazi AbdulKareem, and Dr. Nada Farooq.  

  The delegation of the university has already discussed the changes of time for the agricultural lands for planting the wheat in the irrigational areas and the issue of the pollution in Tigris River caused by various oil and hydro-carbonic leaks resulting from the wells of tar. 






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