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Al-karkh university of science organized a forestry campaign

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Updated   26/03/2017 9:01 AM

  The students of remote sensing and geophysics college in Al-karkh university of science organized a volunteer campaign to afforestate and maintain gardens in the university with the participation of number of the academic staff based on their responsibility towards their university.

  The campaign included planting trees , cleaning gardens and waterways , cut the bushes and decorate the external and internal university yards.

  The head of the university services office said that the students, because of their feeling of responsibility, organized this  volunteer campaign to fight desertification and maintain environment.

  He added that the students participation express their loyalty to make their university bloom and their environment healthy.

  It stated that Al-karkh university of science organized many voluntrre campaigns within the week of voluntary work activities and another volunteer campaigns included cleaning , remove debris ,painting windows and buildings and present some needs to popular crowd and Iraqi army in Alkarma , Alfalooja ,Samarra regions and Makhool mountains.





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