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 The Students of Al-karkh University of Science participated in a workshop of Viena test system

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Updated   26/03/2017 11:50 AM

  The students of college of remote sensing and geophysics at  Al-karkh university of science  participated in a workshop held in collaboration with center of  educational and psychological researches  at ministry of higher education and scientific research , about the system of Viena testing and the detection of outstanding abilities under the supervision of  a number of university teaching staff.

  The workshop included the presentation and application of some tests which are concerned with the detection of self-abilities and psychological diagnosis with the help of the computer which is called VTS system.

  Dr. Huda Jameel ,the Head of consultation and psychotherapy unit at center of  educational and psychological researches  , said that the students of Al-karkh university of science showed a clear brilliance and a great rush towards initiative and interaction in practical discussion , with a fascinating application to tests in comprehending  the surrounding  at a level which exceeded their educational level and their ages.

  From his part , Dr. Rafa Abaas , the dean of college of remote sensing and geophysics , indicated that psychology is considered  today as one of the most important cognitive science which occupied a leading position in many areas , and we are in a period of time in which there were many psychological pressures , wars and crises, that is why the university was very careful in  taking care of the students psychological  side and initiate them in courses and workshops concerned with diagnosis and psychological training , including Viena tests which is considered as one of the most important mental health tests.






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