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Al-Karkh University of Science participated in the conference of modern building techniques

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Updated   27/03/2017 9:31 AM

  A delegation from Al-karkh university of science headed by the university chancellor Dr. Thamir A. Hassan participated in the sixteen conference of the union of  Arab engineers  in collaboration with Iraqi engineers syndicate and Al-mansoor university college , under the patronage of minister of higher education and scientific research Dr. Abdul razaq Al-Issa , in the presence of Mr. Ghalib Al- zamili the chairman of reconstruction committee in Baghdad governorate council , and the former minister of ministry of reconstruction and housing Muhammed S. Al-Darraji and Dr. Adeel Al-Hadithi  the president of Arab engineers union.

  The conference included playing the iraqi national anthem and reciting some verses of the Holly Al-Qur’an and reading Al- Fatiha on the Iraqi martyrs . During the opening session there were speeches for the president of preparatory committee Dr. Abdulrasool dean of Al-mansoor university college  ,and Mr. Sabeeh Al-gharawi  the captain engineers . the speech of the minister of higher education and scientific research was delivered by his representative Dr. Almosawi and the speech of Dr. Adeel Al-hadithi. The session also included a lecture about the examination and treatment  techniques to modern construction materials to Dr. Riad Al-mhedi the professor in the Australian Milbourne university and the university chancellor assistant .

 Modern building  techniques and building treatment through polymeric materials techniques , overlapping materials techniques and its impact in building materials and treatments are among the topics that occupy the world with its uses and developing the ancient building specifications.


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