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 A lecture at Al-karkh university of science on dissemination in fake journals

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Updated   29/03/2017 12:01 PM

Al-karkh university of science organized a lecture on research dissemination in fake journals, with the participation of a number of researchers and specialists.

The lecture , which was delivered by Dr. Muhammed Abdulkareem ,included an explanation of  the academic norms , conditions  of publication and  the selection of arbitrators in trusted certified journals.

The lecture aims to identify the types of fake journals and how to distinguish between hijacked  journals which impersonate the identity of trusted journals with a slight change in the name of that journal and certified ones , in addition to the ways and techniques to be followed by the Iraqi universities to avoid falling into the trap of those journals and fake publishing houses.

Dr. Ahmad Askar Najaf , head of geophysics department , said : our national duty requires us to fight such phenomena which harms the scientific march not only on local level but also globally because it is a scourge that has been expanding greatly recently.


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