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A course at Al- Karkh university of Science on the safety of the Arabic language

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Updated   23/05/2017 10:23 AM

  The Arabic language unit at Al-karkh university of science organized a course on the safety of the Arabic language and the awareness and development of the abilities of the staff in editing the official documents and correspondences .

  The seminar aimed at developing  the efficiency of the university employees and teaching staff as a requirement of teaching staff to pass the validity of teaching .

  The course included many lectures dealt with the emergence of Arabic ,Hamza , punctuation marks , numbers , report writing , common mistakes and other topics.

  It stated that the head of the Arabic language unit Mr. Raad M. Dhahi is the organizer of this course in cooperation with Dr. Abdulilah Ibraheem , from the university college of the Fundamentals of Religion and Dr. Yaseen Taher from the university of Wasit.


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