University Activites

The Chairman of the Municipal Council

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Updated   14/09/2017 1:07 PM

          The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Thamir A. Hassan met the Chairman of the Municipal Council in the side of Karkh district, Mr. Shaker al-Moussawi.


The Chancellor of the University also discussed the most important achievements of the university with Mr. Shakir on the constructive, administrative and technical levels. He noted that Al-Karkh University of Sciences is always ready to cooperate with municipal and service institutions to ensure the achievement of the university's scientific strategy and provide the country with effective experiences and energetic youths.


The Head of the Municipal Council in Karkh, Mr. Shaker al-Moussawi expressed his happiness to visit Al-Karkh University of Sciences, admiring the progress of the university on all levels and describing the achievements as being done above expectations. He also praised the role of the university presidency in implanting sound planning and successful management.


He added that the newly established universities are the cornerstone for the advancement of Iraqi education to satisfy the natural population increase and the need of the labor market, expressing his readiness to provide the necessary needs which are within the responsibilities of the Municipal Council for Al-Karkh district. He confirmed that supporting the university is one of the most important priorities of the Council as one of the scientific monuments that determine the future of the country and serve its society and economy.


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