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Al-Karkh University of Science continues its agreements with the German side in scientific and training...

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Updated   06/12/2017 1:40 PM

Chancellor of Al- Karkh University for Science, Dr. Thamir Abdul Ameer Hasan, met Dr. Jana Fraehover, Head of International Relations Department at Darmstadt University, to discuss programs of supporting the training of teaching staff and students and host them at the University of Darmstadt..


Chancrllor said that Al- Karkh University of Science seeks to reach universality and provide the Iraqi labor market with young people who have experiences suitable to the development in technical and cognitive aspects, serving the Iraqi economy and enriching it from external experiences..


For her part, Dr. Jana expressed the desire of Darmstadt University to communicate with the scientific and academic institutions of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, stressing that she will seek grants that contribute to achieve the goal of cultural exchange between the two Universities. She expressed her happiness at the development of education and coordination at Al- Karkh University of Science .


Dr. Thamir Abdul-Ameer also met Professor Valter, a specialist in optics and laser researches, and accompanied him in a tour to laser labs to view the most important projects, indicating the need for interaction and participation at the level of assessment and participation in the 1st  International Conference of Al- Karkh University of Science scheduled to be held on May next year..








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