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The Secretariat of the University Council Holds its Thirteenth Regular Session

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Updated   01/08/2018 10:27 AM

The Council of Al-Karkh University of Science held its 13th regular session under the chairmanship of Dr. Thamir A. Hassan, Chancellor of the University, and attended by the Vice-Chancellors of the University for administrative and scientific affairs and the deans of the colleges.


The meeting included a discussion of the directives of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the meeting of Body of Opinion, including the necessity of rationalizing electrical energy, developing the staff, rehabilitation,  and training.


The Chancellor of the University said during the meeting, “it is necessary to finalize the work of the important committees that are of utmost importance within the university policy, and the completion of the preparation of the strategic plan and in line with the requirements and the need for horizontal and vertical expansion. It is necessary to finalize the work of the committee related to finding solutions to reduce unemployment of graduates.”


Dr. Thamir directs the staff to activate the special courses to develop the skills of students in terms of technical and scientific level, skills development, the adoption of the university to establish specialized courses whether technical, scientific and cultural that target the youth in general, and in cooperation with specialized bodies.


He pointed out that the schedule of the second round exams should be officially confirmed. He also pointed out that the requirements for the establishment of the first international conference for petroleum exploration should be provided and completed as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that the conference will be held by Al-Karkh University of Science in cooperation with the Ministry of Oil.





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