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A Symposium Has Been Held at Al-Karkh University of Science on the Scarcity of Water and its Causes in...

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Updated   29/10/2018 10:27 AM

The College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics at Al-Karkh University of Science organized a scientific symposium on the problem of water scarcity in Iraq, with the participation of a number of specialists and academics.


The symposium included two lectures, the first by Dr. Salam Jumah Bash, during which he explained the technical and political backgrounds of the problem of water scarcity in Iraq and its impact on the regional environment, and how to avoid the loss of larger amounts of water.


The second lecture by Dr. Mohammad Nasser Al-Tarfi and the instructor Zeinab Qahtan included how to improve the quality of water in Basrah and the reduction of pollution and salinity, and the technical and moral role of the religious reference in the alleviation of the suffering of the people of Basrah. 

The seminar aims to study the problem of water scarcity in Iraq, its causes and impacts on the environmental, agricultural and health level, and the steps necessary to address pollution and high salinity rates.


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