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Al-Karkh University of Science participates in the workshop of the international standards for the...

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Updated   29/10/2018 10:33 AM

A delegation from Al-Karkh University of Science participated in the workshop of the international standards for classification of universities according to the QS Top World Universities.


The workshop was organized by Al-Mustaqbal University in the College of Physical Education at the University of Baghdad in the presence of the representative of HE the Minister, Dr. Musa Al Moussawi, And representatives of public and private universities.


The workshop included a lecture by Dr. Ashwin Frindien, quality assurance consultant in Singapore and South Africa and regional director of QS; it included the QS methodology for the global and Arab classification, information how to create and send data for QS classification, and QS stars assessment as tools for institutional effectiveness and branding.


The workshop aims to demonstrate the importance of classification, which represents the value of the university internationally and the scientific foundations used. This is based on the services provided to students, including scientific, technical, sports, cultural exchange and other activities.



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