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The Dean of the College of Energy and Environment Sciences Participates in the International Scientific...

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Updated   29/10/2018 10:52 AM

Dr. Rafea Abbas Hassan, Dean of the College of Energy and Environment Sciences, participated in the 18th International Scientific Conference on "The Role of Remote Sensing Systems and the Supporting Systems in Reconstruction", held in Damascus from 8-10 / 10/2018.

The participation was a scientific research on the extent of the destruction inflicted on the areas, especially the city of Mosul, that were subjected to the occupation of Daesh terrorists groups, using remote sensing technology, which was the case of applied research.

The study concluded by using the indicators of vegetation cover, water and buildings to a significant decrease in the areas of these three indicators, which gave clear indications of the magnitude of the destruction inflicted on it.

Dr. Rafea said in a speech during the conference that Al-Karkh University of Science intends to hold a national symposium during which the stakeholders from the liberated governorates will be invited to participate and present working papers by the representatives of these bodies, in which the experience of the war in these provinces will be evaluated.

He adds that “here comes the role of specialists in the field of remote sensing and infrastructural systems to determine the size and location of these damage and create a diverse database through which decision makers can determine the priorities of reconstruction.” Participants praised this strategy in the reconstruction through the presence of both decision makers and stakeholders.

On the sidelines of the conference, bilateral consultations were held with Professor Mohamed Al-Ayari, president of the Tunisian Association of Geographic Digital Media and President of the European Union of Geomatics, who expressed his keen interest in the participation of Al-Karkh University of Science, the College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics. Dr. Haitham Menini, Director General of the General Authority for Sensing in Syria, and Geological Engineer Samir Al-Assad, Director-General of the General Organization for Geology and Mineral Resources in Syria, agreed to open the horizons of scientific and research cooperation within the fields of geology and remote sensing.


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