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A course at Al-Karkh University of Science on the steps of writing rigorous research in English and the...

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Updated   14/11/2019 9:48 AM

The Department of Continuing Education, at Al-Karkh University of Science, organized a course on steps to avoid plagiarism in scientific and humanitarian research, with the participation of a number of affiliate and faculty members.


The course, presented by the Asst. Lecturer Sohaib Kamal Mahmood Al-Kamal, explained the meaning of plagiarism and presented the methods of research writing in addition to the methods of avoiding plagiarism, using paraphrasing, and the definition of the basics of copyright, documentation, and research ethics.


The course, which lasted for five days, aims to develop the skills of staff and students in writing research, and the best way that deepens the spirit of innovation and the generation of ideas, using methods of brainstorming, discussion of ideas, method of questioning, and note-taking skills, based on a rigorous curriculum adopted at international universities.



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